A policeman in Karachi died from the virus on Thursday.

The head constable was working as a driver for DSP Risala, the police said.

Special arrangements were earlier made by the Sindh IG for the protection of law enforcers against the virus. Any officer who gets infected is meant to receive Rs10,000 for treatment.

The Sindh police spokesperson said over 170 officers are infected thus far. Of them, around 135 are being treated. So far, six officers have given up the ghost from the virus, and 32 have recovered.

Three days ago, a 48-year-old policeman in Karachi gave up the ghost from the virus. He was serving at the MT Workshop.

Police officers are serving on the battlefront to curb the spread of COVID-19 within the province.



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[…] Another policeman dies of the virus in Karachi […]

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