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Deepika Padukone speaks about Ranvir’s secret sleeping routine

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While everyone seems frustrated due to lockdown, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are having the best time together. “Raamleela” couple look quite satisfying and enjoyable moments during the ongoing lockdown.

Deepika said that husband Ranveer Singh is the easiest person to live with during the lockdown.

“Padmavat” actress took part in a Hangout interview with a journalist Rajeev Masand.

She shared her daily routine with Ranveer. She said that he sleeps for about 20 hours a day, which lets her do activities she wants to do.


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“I need to say, he’s the simplest person to measure with during this scenario. He’s sleeping for about 20 hours, which really allows me time to try to things that I would like to try to to .”

She added that her life together with her husband is sort of simple. “For the four hours that he’s awake, we’re either watching a movie, eating, exercising. He’s a true joy to be with at this point. No demands, no hassles, he’s very easy.”


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Furthermore, Deepika Padukone also spoke about her life within the kitchen

“He never goes to the kitchen. I’m specialized in western cooking and Italian and continental. I’ve always been frightened of the cooker though. I would like to find out Indian cooking during this time. I would like to find out the difference between dhaniya, pudina and besan, and atta.”

Apart from that, the diva said that she is trying to find the therapy in taking care of her plants.

Deepika likes watching movies every day with Ranveer, she loves watching Oscar-nominated movies more like Parasite.

“I don’t understand when people say they’re bored. I’m not that person. I’ll always find something to try to, even within the busiest time, and even in times like this.”

The couple is making the simplest use of their time without getting bore. Hopefully, every girl gets a husband like Ranveer Singh, rather than annoying ones.

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