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Govt to Make Blood Donations Compulsory for All Recovered Coronavirus Patients

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The drug regulatory agency of Pakistan (DRAP) has reportedly approved the utilization of passive immunization techniques to treat COVID-19 patients within the country.

Dr. Tahir Shamsi, head of the National Institute of Blood Diseases (NIBD) Karachi, has actively advocated for employing passive immunization technique to treat Coronavirus patients since the primary case of the disease was reported in Pakistan.

The federal is predicted to announce the choice tomorrow.

Initially, COVID-19 patients are going to be treated at NIBD Karachi, LUMHS Jamshoro, and LUMS Medical University Lahore.

Moreover, the govt has devised a protocol with consultation from the National Bioethics Committee (NBC) for treating COVID-19 patients using passive immunization.

Under the NBC sanctioned protocol, patients, who make an entire recovery from COVID-19, are going to be sure to donate their blood to treat other patients.

DRAP officials have also recommended the federal to supply them an inventory of nearly 570 patients who have completely recovered from Coronavirus. This way, doctors from the designated centers would collect their blood and begin using passive immunization techniques.

Ventilators and Chloroquine

Besides the passive immunization technique, DRAP has approved the local production of ventilators after a comprehensive technical evaluation.

DRAP has also approved the manufacturing of the ingredients wont to make chloroquine in Pakistan. Successful clinical trials at DRAP have found chloroquine to be effective against COVID-19.

While chloroquine are going to be manufactured in Pakistan after nearly a decade, ventilators are going to be manufactured within the country for the primary time.

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