Iran starts intercity travel ban amid fears of surge of coronavirus

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Iran has started an intercity travel ban, an Iranian official said during a televised press conference on Thursday, each day after Iran’s government spokesman warned the country might face a surge of cases within the coronavirus pandemic.

Officials have complained that a lot of Iranians ignored appeals to remain reception and cancel travel plans for the Persian New Year holidays that began on March 20.

The outbreak has killed 2,234 people in Iran where there are 29,406 reported cases of the virus thus far.

“Those who have traveled for the Iranian New Year holidays should immediately return to their cities without making any stops in other cities on their way back home,” said Hossein Zolfaghari, a member of Iran’s national headquarters for fighting the coronavirus.

The authorities have called on Iranians to avoid public places and occupy home, while schools, universities, cultural and sports centers are temporarily closed.

“The closure of universities and schools also as suspension of gatherings has been extended,” Zolfaghari said, adding that violators of the measures will face legal consequences.

President Hassan Rouhani said Iran will contain the spread of the virus in a fortnight , adding that further measures are taken to ease the economic impact of the outbreak on lower-income citizens.

“We will send a letter to Iran’s supreme leader today to hunt permission on withdrawal of $1 billion from Iran’s sovereign wealth fund,” Rouhani said during a meeting, broadcast survives state TV.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has the last say on all state matters.

“This amount is going to be wont to help impacted lower-income people and to help our health sector.”

Shut out of international capital markets and facing an extra hit to its finances with the collapse in oil prices approaching top folks sanctions, Iran is struggling to shield its economy from the coronavirus pandemic.

“Despite being under tough US sanctions […] our fight against the coronavirus outbreak continues and that we will overcome the outbreak,” said Rouhani.

Tensions have risen between longtime foes Iran and therefore us since 2018 when US President Donald Trump exited Tehran’s 2015 nuclear affect six world powers and reimposed sanctions that have crippled Iran’s economy.

Iranian authorities, blaming US sanctions for hampering Tehran’s efforts to curb the outbreak, have urged other countries and therefore the United Nations to turn Washington to lift the sanctions. Washington has refused to lift the sanctions.

Khamenei has dismissed a purported US offer of humanitarian aid amid the pandemic, saying Americans “could be giving medicines to Iran that spread the virus or cause it to stay permanently”.

Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards chief Hossein Salami on Thursday said Iran has the potential to beat the outbreak, rejecting the purported aid offer as a “trick”.

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