Kid Gets Killed in Horrific Car Accident While Making TikTok in Karachi

In another shocking incident, a youth in Karachi lost his life while filming a video for TikTok.

The police have reported that at least three people were injured in a car crash in Karachi’s Korangi area. According to them, the three boys were recording a video while driving when their car smashed into a tree.

They were taken to a hospital for medical examination, however, one of them succumbed to his injuries during treatment.

More Recent TikTok Deaths

Another incident was reported from Narowal yesterday morning. According to the authorities, an 18-year-old fell into the river while making a video for the popular video-sharing social networking platform.

He was making videos with his friends when he slipped and fell into the river. His friends tried to save him but unfortunately, he drowned and died.

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The rescue team has retrieved his body and has shifted him to a nearby police station for legal formalities.

On June 21, a teenage boy shot himself dead in Karachi while recording a TikTok video. According to the police, 17-year-old Tanveer shot and killed himself in order to film a ‘challenge’ video.

His body was shifted to a nearby hospital for medico-legal formalities and the police have launched an investigation into the matter.

Alisha Zara

Alisha Zara


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