Netherlands: Granny fined for posting photos of grandchildren on Facebook without permission

A Dutch court has ruled that a grandmother will have to delete photos of her grandchildren that she posted on Facebook and Pinterest without the children’s parents’ permission.

The judge ruled that the matter falls within the scope of European data protection GDPR.

The matter came to the court when a rift arose between the woman and her daughter.

Earlier, the woman had refused to delete photos of her grandchildren posted on social media.

The children’s mother had repeatedly asked them to delete the photos.

A legal expert said the ruling reflected the European Court of Justice’s long-held position.

GDPR rules do not apply to ‘completely personal’ data or its ‘domestic’ use.

However, according to the order, the exemption could not be obtained here because posting pictures on social media had given access to a wide circle of people.

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The court said it was unlikely that the photos posted on Facebook would spread to a third party.

“In the case of Facebook, it is not out of the question that published images continue to circulate and fall into the hands of third parties,” the order said.

The woman will now have to delete the photos or pay a 50 50 daily fine until she complies with the order. The maximum fine is set at 1,000 euros.

If they publish pictures of children in the future, they will have to pay an additional 50 euros a day.

“I think the ruling will surprise a lot of people who don’t think much before tweeting or posting pictures,” says Neil Brown, a technology lawyer.

Atif Arain

Atif Arain


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