President Alvi requests ulema to advise people to pray at home following coronavirus outbreak

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ISLAMABAD: President Arif Alvi on Thursday requested Pakistani ulema to advise people across the country to supply prayers reception because the novel coronavirus continues to infect people around the country.

The president held a gathering via video conference with Pakistani ulema and governors of all provinces. The meeting was held each day before Friday where millions across the country offer congregational prayers in mosques.

“Ulema should advise people to wish in their homes,” the president was quoted as saying. “They [ulema] should also educate the masses about the precautionary measures against the coronavirus.”

On Thursday, the confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in Pakistan crossed 1,000 with Sindh being the worst-affected provinces, reporting quite 400 cases. Punjab reported quite 330 cases and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has seen quite 100 cases thus far.

President Alvi said that the sole solution to the pandemic was social distancing. He appreciated the unity demonstrated by ulema within the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

The ulema assured the president of their full cooperation in battling the pandemic and said that they’re going to make sure the government’s directives were implemented.

The weak and old should pray at home: Tahir Ashrafi
Pakistan Ulema Council chief Tahir Ashrafi spoke to Geo News to mention that the weak and therefore the old should offer their prayers reception. “The old, the weak and people fear that they’ll contract the virus should offer their prayers reception, do zikr and switch to Allah,” he said.

Ashrafi said that it had never been the directives of the govt to seal mosques. He said that there have been always six to seven people in mosques and when the decision to prayer was given, they ought to offer prayers.

He urged the necessity for unity within the wake of the crisis and said that ulema from different schools of thought was on one page amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Chairman Ittihad-i-Ummat Ziaullah Shah spoke to Geo News to mention that in these times, people should stand back from religious and public gatherings. He said that mosques should remain open as prayers are offered but the infected, the old and therefore the weak should remain far away from them.

“We will support the state during these times,” he said.

Stay indoors, cooperate with govt: Pakistan Ulema Council to masses
Earlier in the week, the Pakistan Ulema Council, during a handout, called on people to remain indoors and do Zikr (remembrance of Allah) to stay safe from the virus. The PUC had directed people to implement the government’s safety precautions and cooperate with authorities.

“The safety precautions and directives issued by various Islamic countries against the coronavirus are neither against the tenets of Islam nor Shariah,” the handout had stated. “Islam calls on Muslims to stay themselves also as others safe. Saving a life is like saving the entire of humanity.”

The council stated that it had been Wajib (obligatory) upon Muslims to follow the directives of prayer leaders or Imams regarding mosques and offering prayers in such times.

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