Saboor Aly Looks Dazzling in Summer Photo Shoot [Pictures]

Pakistani actress Saboor Aly is a talented actress whose stardom continues to rise. The actress is one of the most exciting fresh faces in our showbiz industry.

While her sister Sajal Aly is a household name with a massive fan following, Saboor is not far behind. The actress is well on her way to becoming the next big star in the industry.

Aside from her talent and skills, Saboor has the looks and style to ‘wow’ everyone on social media. The actress recently did a summer photo-shoot that has gone viral on social media.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see everyone go ‘gaga’ over Saboor Aly’s latest clicks. So let’s take a look at some of these pictures.

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Saboor Aly Career

Saboor Aly has appeared in several dramas. At the beginning of her career, she used to be cast in supporting roles for various hit drama serials such as Dil Awaiz, Choti Si Kahani and Mehmoodabad Ki Malkin. Saboor received appreciation for performances, especially when it comes to her portrayal of emotionally intense characters.

She has come a long way now as she recently got the opportunity to shine on the big screen, making her debut in the romantic comedy, Actor in Law. The film even earned her a Best Supporting Actress nomination at Lux Style Awards.



Alisha Zara

Alisha Zara


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