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South Asian countries, including Pakistan, fear a loss of 21 218 billion

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The Coronavirus could cost South Asian countries, including Pakistan, 14 142 billion to 8 218 billion, while South Asia could lose تجارت 100 billion to 7 147 billion in trade.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has released a new report on the potential damage to the global economy from the coronavirus. According to the ADB report, 242.1 million people are expected to lose their jobs globally, and 3.5 million in South Asia. The global economy is expected to lose 88 8800 billion in six months, while the economic losses in three months are estimated at 58 5800 billion. ADB estimated global losses at 41 4.1 trillion in April. 

According to the report, tourism, trade, manufacturing, labor, investment, and transport have been most affected by the corona. The UK and the European Union have the highest estimated loss at 26 2610 billion, the US economy at 22 2226 billion, and the Chinese economy at 16 1623 billion. Japan fears an economic loss of 4 324 billion to 1 491 billion. The Australian and New Zealand economies are expected to lose between 91 91 billion and 139 139 billion. Policy measures against Corona could reduce losses by 40%. Global GDP is expected to be affected by 9.7% and South Asia by 6%.

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