This is How Much Nida Yasir Has Changed Over The Years [Pictures]

Nida Yasir is the most popular morning show host on TV these days. She has come a long way in a career as she has been a TV show host for more than 11 years now. A lot has changed for Nida over the years, including herself.

Many people have noticed various transformations of Nida Yasir over the year. From her sense of style to how she gets herself photographed, let’s take a look at some of the notable changes we’ve seen in TV host Nida Yasir.

Whitening Injections

Everyone knows that Nida is one of those celebrities who promotes whitening injections. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that there are rumors about herself partaking in skin whitening procedures.

However, when asked, Nida has almost always dodged the question. According to her, she does not ‘promote’ the injections but ‘educate’ people on the procedure. Here is a picture comparison of Nida now and back then.

Style Change

Nida has done A LOT to change her style and look. It was not long ago that she used to be more candid and spontaneous in her pictures, which is why fans always loved her. However, now she is more of a perfectionist when it comes to pictures as she prefers having her picture taken with a certain pose and expression.


Being part of the showbiz industry, Nida has groomed her looks and styles accordingly. Her makeup is different, her wardrobe is different and even her hairstyle has changed as she now uses extensions and hairpieces to make her look more attractive.

Nip And Tuck

A fairly common trend among celebrities is plastic surgery or Botox. However, no one really admits to it, including Nida. It takes just a few glimpses of the host’s old and new photos to say otherwise.

Nida’s style isn’t the only thing that’s changed. Her features are very different and unnatural from what they were once. Her lips are plumper, she has high cheekbones, her nose is narrower now and there are hardly any lines around her face.

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