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Video Showing 5G Equipment With “COV-19” Written On It is Fake

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Recently, a video started making rounds on social networks which shows a man, claiming to be telecom engineer, allegedly exposing a piece of equipment labeled as “COV-19” meant to be installed at 5G tower.

The video apparently lent credence to the 5G and Coronavirus conspiracy theories. However, the video has turned out to be fake.

Here’s the video:

The man wearing a hard hat and high-visibility jacket claims that he is a telecom engineer currently installing 5G masts in the UK while the country is under lockdown. After that, the man focuses in on a circuit board with COV-19 on it.

I don’t really know any product by any company that produces circuitry like this that has the brand name COV-19, but that’s what it says on the circuit board. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but obviously, I’ve read all that stuff online about coronavirus and COVID-19, but why are they putting circuitry like that in towers?

It is unclear whether the man is actually a telecom engineer, but it is clear that the piece of circuitry has nothing to do with the 5G telecom kits.

The circuit board is actually from a Virgin Media box for cable television. The box is visible at the bonnet of the van towards the end of the video.

Virgin Media has officially confirmed that the circuit board belongs to an old TV box of the company and the company never stamped COV-19 on the board.

That is a board from a very old set-top TV box and which never featured any component parts inscribed/stamped/printed or otherwise with COV 19. It has absolutely no relation with any mobile network infrastructure, including that used for 5G.

Here is how this Virgin Media box for cable television looks like:

One can easily identify the grey cable connector on the far corner of the circuit board in the video and the image released by Virgin Media. Therefore, the video does not show COV-19 labeled equipment ready to be installed to a 5G mast in the UK.

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