Zara Noor Abbas reveals she overcame fear of touching animals

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Pakistani actress Zara Noor Abbas has said that she was always scared of holding birds, cats, and dogs but she had overcome this fear now.

Taking to Instagram, the Ehd-e-Wafa actress shared behind the scenes video from the sets of Zebaish, wherein she might be seen holding a pigeon in her hands.

One can clearly see the fear of Zara’s face while she is holding the pigeon.

She wrote, “Found this tiny BTS from the sets of Zebrafish. I used to be always scared of holding birds and cats and dogs. Maybe not anymore. If anything, maybe they’re scared of me. But we should always find a middle ground.”

Zara Noor Abbas, who recently attended the marriage ceremony of her ally in Abu Dhabi, was also optimistic to defeat the coronavirus outbreak.

She wrote, “So this one is from an easier day in hope of 1, very soon. InshAllah. Covid19. 2020.”

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